Google Reveals Upgrades To Search Tool

Google is adding augmented reality features among other new capabilities to its core search tool.

The firm has also said it is extending its artificial intelligence booking tool to automatically fill out reservation forms on the web that span several pages on a users’ behalf.

According to Google chief executive, Sundar Pichai, users will be able to listen to the recordings directly from the results page, he said, or save them for later playback if they prefer. They will also be searchable by content as well as title.

The firm’s augmented reality Chief Aparna Chennapragada was next on stage to demo how the technology – which mixes together computer graphics with real-world views – will also be used to enhance results.

She revealed that relevant searches would now yield 3D models that can be rotated and viewed on Google’s own page or superimposed over a camera-captured image of the surrounding area.

This, she suggested, would help students explore new concepts or see how consumer goods would match with their current possessions.

In a follow-up to last year’s big announcement – a feature that allows Google to phone businesses and make computer-controlled voice bookings on a person’s behalf – the company revealed plans to add fresh capabilities to its Duplex software.

In the future, it said it aimed to make it possible for users to ask its virtual assistant to book a movie ticket or a rental car for their next trip, for example.

It said its software would then automatically find a relevant rental car company and fill out all the forms including information about dates and vehicle preference by making reference to past choices and Gmail correspondence.

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