9 ways to acquire cash through Instagram

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Instagram is a decent stage to make trust between you (or your item) and the customer. The made trust can be utilized to sell an item or administration.

A few people use Instagram as the main stage for selling their item. For other people, this is just one of the bearings.

As a matter of first importance, the item or administration ought to be fascinating and alluring from a visual perspective.

For instance, a health specialist can make exceptionally delightful visual substance, particularly in the event that he himself has an appealing appearance. In any case, the handyman will be a lot harder to make a wonderful page in the instagram.

  1. Make a Instagram account first
  2. Now, choose your niche (in this case make a joke or any interesting fact page)
  3. Post attractive photos
  4. Use popular hashtags (one tip: use what tags your no. 1 competitor is using)
  5. Post 3–4 photos daily
  6. After 1–2 months you will get 10–20k followers easily (if your niche is popular) you can also run ads.
  7. Now contact brands or just leave your link in bio (one tip: see which brand is sponsoring your competitor contact them)
  8. You can also make money by promoting other pages too. Just leave your email and price in bio and in every post mention that we do promotions of any other pages.
  9. Choose your rate.


–  Timofey Tomin, SMM Agency

– Ishaan Sharma, Freelancer

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