When was the 1st laptop (computer) invented?

The Epson HX-20, the first "laptop computer", was invented in 1980 and introduced in 1981

As the (PC) got practical in 1971, the possibility of a compact PC before long pursued. An “individual, versatile data controller” was envisioned by Alan Kay at Xerox PARC in 1968, and depicted in his 1972 paper as the “Dynabook”. The IBM Special Computer APL Machine Portable (SCAMP) was shown in 1973. This model depended on the IBM PALM processor. The IBM 5100, the primary economically accessible compact PC, showed up in September 1975, and depended on the SCAMP model.

As 8-piece CPU machines turned out to be generally acknowledged, the quantity of portables expanded quickly. The principal “PC estimated journal PC” was the Epson HX-20, developed (protected) by Suwa Seikosha’s Yukio Yokozawa in July 1980, presented at the COMDEX PC appear in Las Vegas by Japanese organization Seiko Epson in 1981, and discharged in July 1982. It had a LCD screen, a battery-powered battery, and an adding machine size printer, in a 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) skeleton, the size of an A4 note pad. It was depicted as a “PC” and “scratch pad” PC in its patent.

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