Predicament of the Nigerian young lady kid

The most extreme duty of each country is to give security to its residents. Security is when everything is settled. Lives and properties are secured. The residents don’t live in dread. One of the issues upsetting Nigeria today is the issue of instability. It is never again news that no one is sheltered in Nigeria today. Everyone lives in dread of the obscure and the Nigerian Girl kid is the most powerless. She is encompassed by instances of assault, undesirable pregnancies, sexual orientation imbalance, segregation, early marriage, attack, aggressive behavior at home, infections, snatching and so forth. The Nigerian Girl kid is honored with multitalented capacities and in spite of the difficulties life brings her direction, she stays a wellspring of solidarity to many.

It is on record that assault cases have expanded immensely as of late and this is very disturbing. In Kano state alone, 547 instances of assault and other rapes were recorded in 2016 while 334 was recorded in 2017. Lagos state recorded an aggregate of 162 instances of assault in 2016. As indicated by these records, there is no month an instance of assault of a young lady kid isn’t recorded. The Nigerian Criminal Code in segment 357 characterizes assault as pursues, any individual who has unlawful sex with of a lady or young lady without her assent or with her assent, if the assent is acquired by power or by methods for dangers or terrorizing of any sort, or by dread of damage or by methods for bogus and fake portrayal with regards to the idea of the demonstration, or on account of a wedded lady by imitating her better half is blameworthy of an offense which is called assault. However, segment 358 says the punishment for assault is life detainment not many of the guilty parties are brought to equity.

It is very disheartening how the Nigerian Girl youngster is stole and transformed into a sex slave, made a youthful mother and even contaminated with sicknesses at a young age as on account of the Chibok school young ladies. She is kidnapped and compelled to grasp and practice another religion without wanting to as on account of Ese Eruru. She is transformed into a punching pack, beaten and battered by her significant other as on account of Mercy Aigbe. In tertiary foundations additionally, she isn’t protected as she is explicitly hassled for sex in return for marks or bomb her tests as in the ongoing instance of a female understudy of Obafemi Awolowo University and Prof. Richard Akinfele. She is likewise utilized as a political instrument as on account of Dapchi school young ladies. Evidently, it is basic that Nigerian ladies ascend to the protection of the Nigerian Girl youngster. Being a lady is testing yet astounding. It is our aggregate obligation to ensure the Nigerian Girl youngster is protected and taught. Malala Yousafzai a youthful Pakistani lobbyist in one of her addresses said “In the past ladies social activists approached men to go to bat for their privileges however this time, we will do it without anyone’s help”. The Bring Back Our Girls crusade bunch has been great in their battle for the stole young ladies to be discharged. We need progressively female voices to criticize this dastard demonstrations on the grounds that each time a lady supports herself, she goes to bat for other ladies. Our quality lies in our solidarity. Ebube Gift Ejike, Bayero University, Kano

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