Huawei Fell, Xiaomi Now The 3rd Largest Phone Manufacturer

In a normal move, one well known Chinese producer has overwhelmed the other. Before the exchange boycott by the US government, Huawei obviously assaulted the highest point of the market, needed to forever surpass Apple and assault Samsung in the long haul. Presently the market is falling for Huawei, at any rate for universal cell phone deals. As Strategy Analytics uncovers, Xiaomi barely passed Huawei in February 2020.


Samsung – 18.2 million deals

Apple – 10.2 million deals

Xiaomi – 6.0 million deals

Huawei – 5.5 million deals

Huawei still had 2 million deals in front of Xiaomi in January, But, it has given up in February. In global markets specifically, it harms Huawei that it is never again permitted to preinstall Google applications on numerous new Android cell phones. The Play Store, YouTube, Chrome, Google Search and other well known Google applications are absent. Xiaomi, then again, has bounty to draw on, and is demonstrating increasingly more nearness in a few markets. The possibility is gradually expanding that Xiaomi will abandon Huawei and draw nearer to Samsung around the world.

Huawei surrendered its third spot in the wake of delivery simply 5.5 million cell phones to Xiaomi’s 6 million. Both are a precarious decay from the 12.2m Huawei sent and the 10m Xiaomi delivered in January of 2020.

Huawei delivered almost 70% less telephones in February of 2020, contrasted with February 2019. Xiaomi’s shipments drooped uniquely around 30%.

In every single 62m unit were delivered in February 2020 – a decay of 39%, contrasted with 2019.

During the long stretch of February Samsung delivered the most at 18.2m gadgets, trailed by Apple’s 10m iPhones.


The COVID-19 episode fundamentally crushed the Chinese market in February. Anyway China is now recouping, while western markets are yet to feel the full impact.

Samsung has lost minimal measure of shipments both from January to February and year over year – 1.9m units and 13%, separately.

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