How to make progress in life

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Why should I stop now when the obstacle is only an opportunity? My persistence will prevail, what is at the end I do not know but I have started and so I have to finish. They said it wouldn’t work and that I have to let go. Do I listen to them or do I forge ahead? I have to make this decision if I am to make progress. I am a strong believer, and my belief is what keeps me going even in the midst of fear. For there is the saying that “fear is the glue that keeps you stuck whereas belief is the solvent that sets you free”.

I believe in hard work and also in reward. Winners have one thing in common, they’ve all made mistakes before. So it is okay to make mistakes, but it is also important to know your mistakes, if you will ever get passed them.  I believe in second chances. More also, I believe that you can be surprised by life and all can end well. The beginning doesn’t matter only interested in where I am going.

There was a singer who loved to sing, he aspired to become one of the greatest musician the world has ever seen even though he lives in the most remote part of the world and has no money to feed three times daily and has never entered a studio. It is certain that he won’t make his dreams come true because he hasn’t made the necessary preparations.

If you can dream it you can do it, the road to your dream isn’t always so easy to navigate most times it is filled with mountains to climb obstacles to overcome and difficult times that will make you feel like quitting . You should know this whenever you find yourself in a point of confusion. That anything worth having doesn’t come so easy. So do not turn back now , don’t give up as you work to achieve your most ambitious dreams push yourself forward and keep moving on and do not let anything or anyone stop you from achieving your dreams.

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