We’re Thinking About Managing COVID-19 Patients In Their Homes – NCDC

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control says it is thinking about the administration of COVID-19 patients in their homes.

Chikwe Ihekweazu, executive general of the NCDC, talked about this at the presidential team on COVID-19 preparation on Thursday.

As indicated by him, there are difficulties with getting enough bed spaces at seclusion focuses, and all things considered, patients may need to self-disconnect in their homes under severe rules.

“At last, we may need to change our methodology a tad, begin thinking about home consideration in specific conditions, where first we can give a room where a patient can be overseen adequately, and furthermore we’re ready to help the consideration by empowering human services laborers end up like that,” he said.

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“In any case, we will consistently be straightforward with Nigerians. We are battling right now. We may need to adjust our system on account of the real factors we face throughout the following barely any days and weeks and as we do that, we’ll make that understood to Nigerians.

“Our strategy hasn’t changed, however the weight is there and that may need to change in the following barely any days.”

He likewise declared that there were plans to grow testing in Lagos, Kano and the government capital domain, which at present have the most elevated number of dynamic COVID-19 cases in the nation.

“We are scaling up testing the nation over and the key segment that has changed in this is in Lagos, Abuja and Kano, rather than trusting that individuals will call us, we are presently going to where the patients are,” he included.

As indicated by the NCDC circumstance report of April 29, 2020, of Nigeria’s aggregate of 1,728 affirmed cases, 1,370 are dynamic.


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