Easy steps to password your whatsapp

In many cases, privacy is very important because of some important information on the phone or whatsapp. That is the reason will need to password protect our apps. Especially our chat apps.

To activate the new features, it’s entirely basic. You simply need to realize where to look.

You’ll have to download the latest adaptation of Whatsapp by means of the App Store or Google Play. It will be version 2.19.21.

Then head over to the settings menu inside the application.

This may marginally contingent upon the working framework you’re utilizing, however it’s represented by a gear-tooth and typically found in the base right-hand side of your screen.

When you’re in settings, you’ll have to tap on “account” which will bring you into more profound into Whatsapp’s security and protection settings.

You’ll discover this in the second square of alternatives, demonstrated by a little key molded symbol.

Under your record region, there ought to be a choice to choose “security”. This is at the highest priority on the rundown on the off chance that you are running iOS, however might be somewhere else in case you’re on a form of Android.

Tap on “Security” and this should open another menu which gives you bunches of alternatives with respect to the protection of specific things on your Whatsapp account, for example, concealing your profile picture to a rundown of individuals you’ve blocked.

What you need is the new choice which has been added to the record zone – it’s under “Screen Lock”.

Contingent upon your gadget, this will open up an alternative on the best way to verify access to Whatsapp, and the timeframe it takes for the lock to enact.

It will likewise offer a default alternative on the best way to open the application, once more, contingent upon your gadget.

You’ll have to swipe the switch on to activate and choose when you need the lock to kick in after you leave the application.

When this is activated, you’ll just have the option to open Whatsapp with Face ID, unique mark or password. Anyway you will in any case have the option to answer to messages from warnings on the off chance that you have this initiated, and you’ll have the option to answer calls by means of the administration.

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