Pep Guardiola drives tributes to new Premier League champions

Man. City, title victors in the last two seasons, lost 2-1 at Chelsea on Thursday night to affirm Jurgen Klopp’s side as bosses of England without precedent for a long time.

Man. City pipped Liverpool to the trophy last season in one of the most impenetrable title races in Premier League history, however were no counterpart for them this battle.

Klopp’s side are 23 focuses clear at the head of the table having won an astounding 28 of their 31 matches, and Guardiola stated: “Congrats for Liverpool fans, the administrator, the players. Merited.”

Be that as it may, the Spaniard was quick to pay tribute to his City players as they surrendered their crown, and cautioned Liverpool holding their title won’t be simple.

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“We can say the last 10 rivalries we played as a club, we won eight titles. It never occurred in this nation,” said Guardiola.

Winners of domestic trophies since start of 2017/18

2017/18 Community Shield Arsenal
2017/18 Carabao Cup Manchester City
2017/18 FA Cup Chelsea
2017/18 Premier League Manchester City
2018/19 Community Shield Manchester City
2018/19 Carabao Cup Manchester City
2018/19 FA Cup Manchester City
2018/19 Premier League Manchester City
2019/20 Community Shield Manchester City
2019/20 Carabao Cup Manchester City
2019/20 Premier League Liverpool

“I never thought in my life, as a football player or a manager, that always you can win. So what we have done is incredible in the last two or three seasons – winning eight titles from 10.

“Liverpool is the first domestic title in the last seven, eight, 10 years. It’s so difficult to maintain this.”


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