FG starts N75bn uphold store payment this week

Starting from this week, the Federal Government will begin paying awards to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises that are fruitful to participate in the N75bn COVID-19 help plans.

On September 10, 2020, the Federal Government introduced two plans to monetarily uphold about 1.7 million MSMEs the nation over with N75bn.

The plans are the National MSME Survival Fund and the Guaranteed Off-take Stimulus Schemes under the Nigeria Economic Sustainability Plan.

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The Special Assistant to the President on MSMEs, Office of the Vice President, who duplicates as Project Coordinator, Survival Funds Scheme, Tola Adekunle, told writers in Abuja on Monday that installments to certain recipients of plans would begin this week.

He stated, “As of now we are doing it in clusters of 12 states to have the option to screen the plan and as we talk now 12 states are prepared. We are trusting that before the current week’s over, we will have the option to pay 12 states.

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