Samsung Galaxy M51 Has The Best Smartphone Battery Life

The pioneer in the DxOMark battery life rating is the Samsung Galaxy M51, which has an incredible 7000 mAh battery. The cell phone got the most extreme score right now – 88 and it had the option to work for over 3 days. In runner up was the generally secret Wiko Power U30 with a 6000 mAh battery. Furthermore, the iPhone 12 Pro Max shut the main three, which actually has a 60 Hz show, while the leads and mid-range gadgets from the Android camp generally changed to screens with expanded hertz range from 90 Hz.

For the trial of independence, they embraced a logical philosophy and included robots with contact controllers. Gadgets perform different tasks that are regularly performed by normal clients. This is video and music playback, voice approaches 3G organizations, games, web surfing and others. There are 70 such tests altogether and it requires 6.5 days to finish them.

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The Samsung Galaxy M51 accompanies a “beast” 7000 mAh battery that beats the opposition for both self-governance and effectiveness. Where it tumbles down a little is in charging, where it requires almost 2.5 hours to go from void to a full charge — right around an hour longer than the Huawei P40 Lite (with its quicker charger). In any case, its general presentation is right now the best in our Battery information base, promising and conveying astounding battery life whether delicately or seriously utilized.


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