6 Characteristics Of A Good Friend

Trust allows us to have a sense of security with companions—protected to be helpless and to share our arrangements, our actual selves, and our lives. A reliable companion keeps quiet, stays faithful to their obligations, and is trustworthy.


Numerous long-lasting companions highlight the way that when they haven’t been in contact for some time lastly reconnect, maybe no time has passed. At the end of the day, companions shouldn’t need the entirety of your consideration constantly and comprehend when life gets going.

Tips for how to be an old buddy:

1. Focus on setting aside a few minutes for one another.

Extra energy is consecrated on the grounds that we don’t have a lot of it. Simultaneously, fellowships develop through shared encounters and quality time together. The characteristic of an old buddy is somebody who sets aside a few minutes for you and focuses on investing energy with you. An old buddy will likewise search for freedoms to boost the time you have together by looking for the sake of entertainment and exceptional encounters that reinforce and keep up your bond.

2. Open up and permit each other to be powerless.

An old buddy is somebody certifiable, somebody with whom you can act naturally and they can act naturally around you, Cristerna clarifies. An old buddy permits you to be open to them and the other way around, which means you can uncover your feelings and conditions with one another and trust each other to tune in, be steady, and have each other’s wellbeing on the most fundamental level.

“Having the option to have some good times and offer exceptional recollections are the aftereffect of having a confiding in relationship that has a sense of security,” Cristerna adds. “For instance, the entirety of my companions and I have an agreement that we support each other inside and out (indeed, even crazy ways!), except if the degree of silliness is excessively or would cause a circumstance where we feel awkward.”

3. Focus on the seemingly insignificant details.

“An old buddy can figure out the real story of what’s being said in light of the fact that they focus, and they know your heart,” Thompson says. “For instance, on the off chance that I ask, ‘How goes it with you?’ to a dear companion and the reaction is ‘alright,’ I realize quickly that she isn’t OK. An old buddy focuses on the subtleties since you want to set aside the effort to comprehend the core of your companion.”

4. Challenge one another.

An old buddy pushes you to develop, will tell you when you are on some unacceptable way, and will “challenge you when you should be tested,” says Thompson. Furthermore, this is “all done in adoration and with deference.” thusly, you can become together and support each other en route.

“In an individual story, I was furious with somebody, and one of my old buddies halted me halfway through my tirade and said, ‘Jinnie, you know you’re off-base. I’m generally with you, yet on this one, I can’t ride with ya. Pause and consider the job you played right now this.’ That second stays with me right up ’til the present time since she cherished me enough to reprimand me to thump it, and it came from a position of adoration. I had the option to get it thus,” Cristerna clarifies. “That is friends main thing.”

5. However, be receptive.

To be an old buddy, you must be receptive, says Thompson. Being receptive permits your companion to be their actual selves, particularly when they are deciding. By staying liberal and not embeddings your own predispositions into your companion’s dynamic, you show that you are understanding and strong.

“Old buddies support us, give us space to act naturally and commit errors, and they regard limits,” Cristerna adds.

6. Post for them.

“An old buddy is a fearless companion who will stand up and make the best decision when nobody is looking and regardless of whether it doesn’t profit them. This may not be the kind of definition the vast majority have about fortitude, however trust me—it takes a ton of boldness to do this,” Cristerna says.

For instance, you may end up in circumstances where others aren’t treating your companion well or where you realize your companion might be placed in a tight spot. However much as could be expected, an old buddy will stick their neck out for the benefit of their companions, regardless of whether that implies closing down tattle about them, ensuring they return home protected following a night out, or something different.

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