10 Ways to be a Good Friend

Assuming you’re battling with fellowship, these are the main 10 characteristics of an old buddy each individual should search for in others (and create in yourself).


You ought to have the option to trust a companion. Regardless of whether it’s with your most unfathomable mystery or exactly how reliable your companion is, a companion is somebody whom you ought to consistently have the option to depend upon.


An old buddy thinks often about your prosperity. Regardless of whether they generally concur with each choice you make, a companion ought to be sympathetic and attempt to comprehend your point of view.


A trustworthy individual finishes plans. A trustworthy companion is on schedule and shows that she thinks often about the kinship by being dependable.


Regardless of whether your companion is silly or you simply share a similar comical inclination, adding humor and giggling into a fellowship is an extraordinary quality.

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Great audience

Assuming you’re constantly centered around what to say next rather than really tuning in and focusing on the individual before you, your companionship can endure. Individuals won’t have any desire to trust in you, or even draw near to you.


Devotion is a significant attribute in a companion. By being faithful and showing that you support your companion, you’ll assemble a solid relationship.


Everybody is unique, and an old buddy esteems your disparities and perceives that they are what make you exceptional.

I love the wonderful way the book Never Unfriended discusses acknowledgment.

Acknowledgment that you can’t transform somebody.

Acknowledgment that you shouldn’t HAVE to transform somebody.

What’s more how to acknowledge (and what to do) on the off chance that a fellowship is finished.


Is it accurate to say that you are a glass half full or half void sort of individual? Regardless of whether you have your awful days, energy is a decent attribute to have in a companionship.


An old buddy pardons. She doesn’t clutch feelings of spite.


You don’t need to be liberal with cash to be viewed as a liberal individual. Contributing time, ability, AND assets into a kinship can deliver off in enormous profits.

Be liberal with your time and love in a companionship.