Impeccable Djokovic defeats Nadal for seventh Australian Open title

An imperious Novak Djokovic won a record glorious seventh Australian Open title by directing Rafael Nadal 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 Sunday with a showcase of impeccable tennis.

The Serbian world number one commanded the Spanish second seed to win his fifteenth Grand Slam title in simply 2hr 4min on Rod Laver Arena.

It put Djokovic, 31, out without anyone else in front of Roger Federer and Roy Emerson, who both won six Australian Open men’s singles titles.

Djokovic dropped to the court and kissed the ground in the wake of vanquishing his most noteworthy adversary.

No two men have met all the more regularly in the Open Era, this was their 53rd gathering, and no match have pushed each other harder or further.

Their solitary past last in Australia, in 2012, formed into a record-breaking 5hr 53min slugfest — the longest in Grand Slam history.

A rehash of that epic never appeared with Nadal uniquely apprehensive toward the begin and Djokovic taking prompt favorable position.

The Spaniard had not had his administration broken since the third arrangement of his initially round match however that streak finished instantly as the Serb came dashing out of the squares.

Djokovic was in imperious control individually conveyance and won his initial four administration amusements without surrendering a solitary point, notwithstanding initiating Nadal to miss a forehand totally while in transit to getting the set in 36 minutes.

The second set pursued a comparative example, with Djokovic dashing through amusements all alone serve, while Nadal attempted to hold.

The weight told in the fifth diversion and Djokovic broke again when Nadal hit a throw volley long after a trade at the net.

Djokovic had just surrendered two on serve in the whole match to this point however Nadal had his first sniff at breaking when he advanced to 30-15 beyond and deuce, twice.

Djokovic needed to withstand weight without precedent for the match, defeating the risk with a thunder and a clench hand siphon to proceed.

The on-tune Serb was so started up he came straight out and broke Nadal again to go to 5-2 preceding serving out for a two-set lead with three pros in succession with simply 1hr 16min on the clock.

The measurements were as telling as the scoreline: Djokovic had served eight experts to Nadal’s one and made only four unforced mistakes while the Spaniard had hacked up 20.

At the point when Djokovic broke again in the third session of the third set it was simply an issue of how rapidly he would complete off Nadal.

The end was quick, as Djokovic withstood one break point at 3-2 preceding managing the last ceremonies in a whirlwind of champs off the two wings.

Triumph expanded his success misfortune record against Nadal to 28-25 and squared the Grand Slam last tally between the match at 4-4.

Djokovic has now finished a cap trap of Slams following his successes at Wimbledon and the US Open.

He will go to Paris in May for the French Open looking to end up the main man in the Open Era to win each of the four majors twice.

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