What artistes are saying about Baba Sala

The late Moses Olaiya Adejumo, famously called Baba Sala was a remarkable performer. Peers and more youthful artistes bear witness to his pleasantry and imaginative genius in this report.

I once broke my arm for Baba Sala – Mr. Latin

“BABA Sala was a legend, a pathfinder who demonstrated to us the best approach to be the humorists that we are today. He demonstrated to us that for sure, there is cash in satire, and we would all be able to see with our own eyes today.

“I once had a broken arm as a result of Baba Sala. I was in Ilesa in 2002, when he was being consulted with the title of Baba Aladure. I was one of the artistes welcomed, and as I got down, the group was overpowering, and as they were attempting to welcome me, my hand got broken and I breast fed it for five months. Yet, the great part was that he kept in touch with me a letter, marked by and by him, that he valued my coming. He was a decent man.”

He was sensible – Jide Kosoko

“He was a pleasant man. A pioneer and somebody a large portion of us turned upward to while growing up. He was so pleasing and contributed enormously to the theater, particularly in parody. I recollect at that point, we were having meeting and everybody kicked against him, yet no one was striking enough to disclose to him he had wronged us. As youthful as I seemed to be, I gotten boldness and specified it to him that he had outraged many individuals, and in that spot, he prostrated to apologize to everybody. That is to indicate how humble he was. I implore that God give him unceasing peace.”

Ages of artistes picked up from his specialty – Joke Silva

“Baba Sala was an astonishing man, a ton of ages of artistes picked up from his specialty. At the stature of his vocation, his film, I can’t recollect the name of the motion picture that got named and overflowed the market before its discharge, which influenced him fiscally. In any case, for the love of the craftsmanship, he proceeded and did not disappoint that force him.”

ODUNLADE ADEKOLA: He was and still an easily recognized name

“What I can say in regards to Baba Sala is that, he was a super star, a symbol. Baba Sala was everything that needs to do with each family unit. He had quit representing a few years and a 17-year-old can at present say a couple of things in regards to him without seeing any of his motion pictures. That is to reveal to you how awesome he was. I ask that he will rest in immaculate peace.”

He was my tutor – Gbenga Adeyinka

“He was not only an entertainer, but rather a national symbol and fortune. He cleared path for loads of us and what we are getting a charge out of today. For me, who accepting him as a coach, I trust that his name won’t be overlooked on the essence of the earth and that God give the family the courage to shoulder the misfortune.”

SAIDI BALOGUN: He trusted in the young

“He was a pleasant man, who trusted in the adolescents. I had once worked with him. He had much enthusiasm for what he was doing. He completed a motion picture, ‘Orun Mooru’, which was pilfered, however he didn’t yield as he proceeded to deliver another film titled ‘Mosebolatan’, to demonstrate that he didn’t surrender. The distinction between his work at that point and that of today is computerized. I simply ask that youthful comics of today would meet up and commend a legend of comic drama.”

Baba Sala never occupied with any misleading demonstration – Iya Rainbow

“Baba Sala was a decent man, humble and does not fight. He was a man that came clean and a godly man profoundly. I had known him for quite a while and I can tell that he doesn’t take part in any misleading demonstration; he will state it the manner in which it is, regardless of the conditions.”

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